Teen Drivers Ed FAQ

In the State of Texas, all parent taught drivers ed courses are required to provide 32 hours of online training and 34 hours of In-car instruction.  Our course is a self-paced course.  Where in a traditional drivers ed school, you would have to drive your student to class every day for approximately six weeks, with our course, parents and students can complete the course requirements as their time/schedule permits.

Most students complete the course in three to four months.  It really depends upon the schedule of both the student and the parent.  Students can work on the online section of the course every day, if their schedule permits.  Many parents choose to designate certain days of the week, after work, to complete the in-car lessons with their student, so that it’s not so overwhelming.

Teens can begin the course at age 14, however, they can only work on the online content.  In Texas, a teen must be at least fifteen years of age to receive a learners permit.  Most teens start the course at age 15.

Yes.  Students can login to and out of the online course as their time permits.  Parents can login to the course to monitor their student’s progress.  All course content is tracked (required by the State of Texas) and the course will remember where your student was when last logged in.

Absolutely!  In-car driving lessons (or behind-the-wheel) is very structured.  Parents will have a print-out with detailed driving objectives that they will cover with their student driver, once they obtain their learner’s permit.

Form DL-92 is located in your course account.  Optionally, you can download Form DL-92 here.

After sending off form DL-92 to the State of Texas and receiving your package from the State, your teen can being the course.  The first six hours of the course (online) specifically covers what will be on the DPS written test.  After completing the first six hours and being at least 15 years of age, your student can apply for the Texas learner’s permit.

TIP:  Parents, be sure to take a camera when your teen goes to apply for their learner’s permit.  This is a once-in-a-lifetime moment you will want to capture for your scrapbook!!

In the State of Texas, a teen can get their Texas drivers license at the age of 16.  In order to receive their Texas drivers license, a student must have held their Texas learners permit for at least six months.  Our Texas drivers ed course generally takes three to four months to complete and the clock on their learners permit begins when they receive the permit (after the first six hours of the course), not when they complete the course.

So a student who enrolls in the course at or within a few months after their fifteenth birthday could complete the course, have held their learners permit for six months, and get their license on their sixteenth birthday.

Adult Drivers Ed FAQ

Our Texas adult drivers ed course is six hours.  In fact, all state approved adult drivers ed courses in Texas are six hours.  Many of our students complete the course in a day, while others complete it over the span of a few days.

The State of Texas requires us (and all course providers) to verify they are, who they claim to be during enrollment of the course.  Other courses require you to send in a notarized document via mail that severely slows down the enrollment process.

We use an online verification process that is nearly instantaneous.  After enrolling in the course, you will receive an automated phone call at the number entered during enrollment, that will ask a few short questions to verify you are the person enrolling in the course.  The state requires verification and we find this is the easiest and quickest method so that you can begin the course immediately.

There are three attempts to pass the DPS written test in the online course.  Over 90% of our students pass the test on the first attempt.  If for some reason you do fail on the first attempt, you can go back through the course material as often as needed, and retake the test up to three times, total.

Certificates of completion are mailed out via First Class mail from our office in Amarillo, Texas after course completion.  The certificate is a state-controlled certificate, called ADE-1317, and you will need to present this to your local DPS office as proof you have completed a state approved Texas adult driver education course and passed the DPS written test.

No.  Our adult driver education course includes the DPS written test online.  Once you complete the course, there is a final exam.  This is the DPS written exam.  When you receive your ADE-1317 certificate from us, you will present this to your local DPS office as proof you have completed the course and passed the DPS test.  The DPS office will know exactly what this certificate is.  It’s a state-controlled document and they are very familiar with them.

Absolutely!  You would be surprised at how many first time driver students we get that are over the age of 25.  It’s really not that uncommon.  The State of Texas requires adults 18-24 to take the course, but adults over the age of 25 can take the course as well.

Yes.  Once you complete the course and receive your ADE-1317 certificate, you have two choices.  If you already know how to drive and are ready, you can schedule your road test at your local DPS office.  Once you pass the road test, the DPS will issue you a Texas drivers license.

However, if you are not quite ready to take the road test, you can request the DPS issue you a learners permit.  With your learners permit, you can legally drive with a licensed driver over the age of 21 as long as they are in the front passenger seat.  This will give you time to practice your driving skills with a licensed driver, until you are ready to schedule your road test.

DPS Test Online FAQ

Yes.  In some instances, the Texas DPS may require new to state drivers to take the DPS written exam.  We have a number of DPS practice test that you can take for free on our site:

Another option is to take the Texas DPS test online.  We are authorized by the Texas Department of Public Safety to offer the DPS written test online.  The benefit of doing it online is, we provide interactive online training that you can access on any computer.  You can study in the comfort of your home or office, as your time permits.  When ready, you can take the DPS test online in the peace and quiet of your home.

After you complete the DPS test online, we mail out a certificate that you will present to your local DPS office as proof you have taken the DPS test online from an authorized/approved vendor.

Yes.  One of the misfortunes of letting your Texas drivers licence expire is, the DPS will require you to take the DPS written exam before they will re-issue your drivers license.

Taking the DPS test online is very convenient and time saving, plus we offer six hours of free training that you can study as your time permits.  When ready, simply click the “test” link in the course.  After passing the test, we will send your certificate that you will need to present to your local DPS office as proof of passing the written test by an authorized/approved third party.